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It facilitates the digestive process It counteracts the symptoms of slow digestion Combination of plant extracts that act favorably on the physiological digestive processes, nutrient metabolism, absorption, pancreatic, and bile secretions. Specifically, Digesvin is able to counteract the various symptoms caused by slow digestion - abdominal bloating and postprandial fatigue, often associated with accumulation of fat - and is indicated in severe cases of obesity, fluid retention, and dyspepsia.
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ARTICHOKE It performs a choleretic activity, stimulating the production of bile, and cholagogue, favoring the outflow of bile from the liver. It acts on lipid metabolism by decreasing the production of cholesterol and of endogenous triglycerides, increasing the excretion or redistribution in naturally occurring deposits.

FENNEL Thanks to the stimulating properties - aromatic, manifests a positive influence in the gastrointestinal level by improving the tone of these devices also it increases the secretion of saliva, that of stomach and choleretic.

PEPPERMINT Remedy useful in gastrointestinal disorders for stomachic properties, choleretic, antispasmodic, and carminative. GINGER Valid stimulant of peristalsis and intestinal tone, of the salivary and gastric secretions. The powder of the rhizome also plays antinauseants activities.

PINEAPPLE Bromelain contained in pineapples contains a thiol group able to digest a quantity of protein equivalent to one thousand times its weight. Rich in enzymes and minerals giving a diuretic actions.

PAPAIN Derived from the tree of papaya has digestive properties and is useful in dyspepsia, hypochlorhydria, in the dilations of the stomach, and therefore in abdominal bloating.

LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS Its addition to the product promotes the rebalancing of the intestinal functions, as it restores the physiological intestinal environment and facilitates the repopulation of the commensal bacterial flora.

VITAMIN B1 Vitamin B1 is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids and is able to improve appetite, digestion, and metabolism of nutrients.

Average quantity of characterizing ingredients.....per daily serving Artichoke leaves dry extract.....240mg chlorogenic acid intake (6mg) Fennel fruits dry extract.....200mg Mint aerial parts dry extract.....180mg Ginger rhizome dry extract.....180mg intake of gingerols (1.8mg) Pineapple stem dry extract.....180mg intake of Bromelain (0.54mg) Papain.....180mg Lactobacillus acidophilus.....1MLD UFC Vitamin B1.....0.7mg
The recommended dose 1-2 tablets after lunch and 1-2 tablets after dinner, or as recommended by a health care professional.