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Digest (120 Capsules)

Digest (120 Capsules)

Sometimes people don't realize how important proper nutrient absorption is when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Certain factors like genetics‚ poor diet‚ a stressful lifestyle‚ and more could possibly influence your digestion‚ which would then affect your nutrient absorption from food. In order to possibly help support healthy digestion‚ Transformation Enzyme Corporation's Digest is formulated with digestive enzymes that could potentially help with the digestion and absorption of various foods and nutrients.
  • Size:   120 Capsules
  • Manufacturer:   TEC
  • SKU:   E-DIG120
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Digest features an enzyme called Lipase. This enzyme is responsible for initializing the process of breaking down fats (lipids). Additionally‚ Digest also features Protease‚ an enzyme that is able to being the breaking down process for proteins. This is possible because protein are composed of amino acids. These amino acids are held together by peptide bonds. Protease is able to dismantle these bonds and break the amino acids apart‚ allowing the protein to be digested. Another enzyme in Digest is Invertase‚ an enzyme that aids in the breaking down of sucrose (common sugar).
Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 90 Amount Per Serving / % DV Tzyme™ Protease Blend (54‚601 HUT) 122mg / † Tzyme™ Lipase Blend (7‚467 FIP) 67mg / † Tzyme™ Polysaccharolytic Blend 270mg Amylase 20‚000 DU / † Alpha-galactosidase 438 Gal U / † Phytase 42 FTU / † Glucoamylase 25 AGU / † Macerase 400 CU / † Pectinase 14 endo-PGU / † Beta-glucanase 25 BGU / † Lactase 610 ALU / † Xylanase 500 XU / † Diastase 168 DP / † Invertase 56 SU / † Cellulase 28 CU / † Hemicellulase 28 HCU / † †Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: Cellulose‚ water‚ calcium citrate.
Take one (1) capsule with every meal or snack with at least 8 oz. of liquid or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Contents may be removed from capsule and taken by spoon immediately after mixing with a small amount of tepid water.