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Quicksilver Scientific

CoQ10 Liposomal Pump

CoQ10 Liposomal Pump

No mitochondrial supplement has been researched more intensively than CoEnzyme Q10. Its positive effects on the clinical markers of cardiovascular health, normal blood sugar control, and gum health have made it popular in the dietary supplement industry.
  • Size:   15mg
  • Manufacturer:   Quicksilver Scientific
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The gastrointestinal absorption of CoEnzyme Q10 is limited and traditional liposomal encapsulation does not suit this compound. The innovative chemistries of Quicksilver Scientific have solved this problem, resulting in a CoQ product with power that you feel quickly and clearly. Studies investigating the link between a deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 and periodontal disease found convincing results about 60% of the 40% diseased gingival tissues showed a deficiency of CoQ10. Another study was conducted where CoQ10 was applied to pockets of disease gum tissue and significantly reduced the pocket depths and bleeding as well as other indicators of infection. Liposomal COQ10 can be rubbed on the gums to help with periodontal concerns.

2 pumps (.5 mL) as recommended by practitioner.