Promotes loss of excess pounds - It reduces the absorption of fat and sugar Controls the sense of hunger - It performs a draining and detoxifying action Food supplement based on plant extracts
  • Size:   60 Tablets
  • Manufacturer:   Erbenobili
  • Stock status:   18

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CONTROKAL 60 TABS (controls the sense of hunger, weight loss, drainage and detox) 
Vitamin C 40mg, Niacin 8mg, Pantothenic acid 3mg, Riboflavin 0.7mg, Vitamin B6 0.7mg, Chromium 20mcg, Vitamin B12 1.25mg, Garcinia fruit extract 170mg, Gymnema leaf extract 170mg, Griffonia seed extract 120mg, Acai fruit extract 120mg, Bladderwrack seaweed extract 120mg, Glucomannan root powder 100mg, L-Glutamine 20mg, L-Carnatine 20mg, L-Tyrosine 20mg
4 Tablets per day: 2 tablets 1/2 hour before lunch and 2 tablets 1/2 before dinner.

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