Acid Block (Formerly GES-5) Acid Block (Formerly GES-5) Acid Block (Formerly GES-5)

Acid Block (Formerly GES-5)

For temporary relief of occasional indigestion and heartburn.
  • Size:   60 Tablets
  • Manufacturer:   RXhuman
  • SKU:   RX-ACID
  • Stock status:   14

Alginic acid and sodium alginate react with saliva and gastric acid to form a foamy froth or alginic raft that floats on top of the gastric contents and acts as a barrier to acid and food reflux. Slippery elm and deglycyrrhized licorice act as demulcents which are soothing to the alimentary canal.

One tablet provides: Calories …….. 10 Total Carbohydrate …….. 2 g Sugars …….. 2 g Calcium carbonate …….. 30 mg Alginic acid …….. 450 mg Licorice (DGL) (glycyrrhiza glabra root) (standardized < 2%, [<10mg] glycyrrhizin) Sodium alginate …….. 50 mg Slippery Elm (bark) (standardized 20% phytosterols) Other Ingredients: Fruit sugar, proprietary chicory root and mung bean extract, stearic acid
As a dietary supplement, chew one to two tablets after meals or before retiring. For best results, drink a glass of water after chewing tablets

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