The Need for Supplements

The Need for Supplements

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Seventy-four percent of Americans live each day with Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT) discomfort, according to a recent Fox news survey, and over half of them have never discussed it with their doctor. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports that over 63 million people suffer from chronic constipation. Non-foodborne gastroenteritis effects 135 million people, and 20% of our population suffers from acid reflux at least once a week.

As a nation, we spend $ 3.2 billion on over the counter drugs to self-medicate, and we average 41 million visits per year to doctors and hospitals for abdominal pain. Our country’s gastro-intestinal health is in crisis, so let’s begin this discussion on supplementation there.

Like so many things in life, there are everyday supplements that we use to support our well-being, and supplements we require intermittently to perform a specific function and to target a specific symptom.

Everyday Maintenance Supplements

Our intestinal wall is the number one barrier between our bodies and the outside world, and it’s important that we keep it strong. Our digestive tract requires a healthy microbiome, and a strong wall. Probiotics and-prebiotics help to maintain an environment where “bad” bacteria cannot survive and the “good” bacteria thrive. Supplementing certain nutrients insures that the intestinal wall has what it needs to strengthen; giving our body the tools it needs to stay in balance.

Maintaining a healthy intestinal tract is even more crucial when you consider that 80% of our immune system is in the gut. If we maintain a strong barrier, it will help to prevent a leaky gut and reduce the chance that unwelcome bacteria can enter the bloodstream, which can cause a multitude of potential health issues.

Preventative Maintenance Supplements

There are times when we need to take supplementation as a preventative measure. For example, when we recognize that we are under unusual stress from external circumstances, or as a result of a medication, like antibiotics. Additionally, this secondary prevention can support us when we experience concerning symptoms before a disease manifests itself, and we want to strengthen ourselves to prevent the full onset of a more serious condition.

Supplement Quality and Professional Advice

Trying to navigate the world of supplements without professional advice is like trying to drive across the country without GPS. You may eventually get where you are trying to go, but there is going to be a lot more trial and error. It is important you consult with a practitioner who understands micronutrients.

You may have had past experience with supplements that you felt didn’t work and it is very possible they didn’t. Lower quality supplements may not be effectively absorbed or have enough active ingredients, negating any positive benefit. You may also not be taking the right supplement for the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you have identified the right supplement for your current situation, then it is important to discern the quality of the supplement you choose to take.

Here are some things to consider: Are the ingredients in the supplement traced to the source? How are the key ingredients extracted if the supplement is from a natural source?

Some extraction methods can actually damage the beneficial effects or introduce potential toxicity, which is the case with some processes that use alcohol in the extraction process. Or are they synthetic and in that case, where do the raw materials come from? Is the factory GMP? How pure is the product?

At PhytoQuant, we care about the whole environment around the growing, sourcing, manufacturing, storage and handling of all of our products. The Quant in our name stands for Quantum physics. We recognize that energetics and intention are critical for producing products that are aligned with our bodies.

Our proprietary ultrasound extraction process takes into account that each type of plant is different, requiring a different frequency to ensure that we extract all of the ingredients, both in quantity and in quality. The life force contained within that plant is delivered in the final supplement to ensure maximum potency.

We believe that supplements made with such care and attention to detail for over 16 years, coupled with the support of a professional who can target the right supplement for your symptoms, and overall well-being, is a winning combination.

Some sample PhytoQuant protocols; 

For Gastro-Intestinal Health, our practitioners often recommend QuantaFlore, QuantaPhylle, QuantaLostrum, QuantaOmega3, and QuantaMag on a yearly rotation program for daily maintenance.

QuantaZym and QuantaBiose are recommended for targeted digestion concerns both preventative and restorative.

When Holiday eating and parties get the best of us, or we are under unusual stress like recovering from an illness, or higher alcohol consumption for a prolonged period, our practitioners consistently suggest QuantaSmodium+ and QuantaDPur+.

Post prescription drugs or a very poor diet often calls for QuantaFlore and QuantaPhylle.

QuantaVillosi and QuantaGluta are the “go-to’s” for both acute and chronic inflammation and to rebuild and strengthen the intestinal lining.

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