Building Immunity is not a one-time event

Building Immunity is not a one-time event

In uncertain times, we seek the perceived security of a magic solution.

Although you can in small ways “boost” your immunity, the reality is that trying to “boost” your immunity is like joining a gym the week before the bodybuilding contest. 

So we decided to create a series of articles to lay out the pieces of this immunity puzzle, that will help you achieve a stronger immune system.

The traditional medical community is now recognizing how essential nutrition is to our overall health. Modern farming methods, excessive spraying, soil depletion, and other factors over time have robbed our food of its nutritional value. 

High-quality supplements that you can trust are the best way to bridge that nutritional gap. We believe that the first step in building the right foundation for your immunity starts with probiotics. 

We hope this series will help to empower you to take control over your well being so that you can THRIVE, every day.

Gut Health and Immunity
Probiotics offer something that everyone needs


If you’re like the rest of us, you take your immune system for granted, until you’re fighting off a bad cold, or you feel like your body isn’t quite working like it used to, or the entire world is thrown into a pandemic situation and you are threatened by an unknown virus. That unfortunate, surreal reality has caused all of us to rethink this gift called “immunity”.

A mad dash for quick-boosting powders and zinc-heavy vitamins are the easy choice for many, but not necessarily the correct one for building lasting health. It all begins with your gut health, good bacteria and an understanding of the importance of probiotics and their effects on the immune system.

Why is gut health so important? A healthy partnership between our immune system and gut microbiota allows our bodies to be ready for infections or viruses, and to fight them off. Probiotics are essential to developing gut health that feeds the readiness of our internal systems. They provide the foundation for the body’s necessary homeostasis.

A Danish study in conjunction with The National Institute of Health’s HumanMicrobiome Project determined that beneficial bacteria in probiotics interacting with immune cells results in a reduction of pro-inflammatory activity, and an increase in anti-inflammatory action. This vital response is crucial to immune health. Taking care of your gut is also taking care of your immune system.

Your body is full of bacteria, so what is the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria? This is not too complicated on the surface - one is good and one is bad - but it’s crucial to understand that the body needs both good and bad bacteria to function properly.

A loss of good bacteria, maybe from a cycle of antibiotics or lack of proper nutrition, can result in your body not operating at full capacity. Introducing probiotics can restore the balance, provide better digestive health and help boost your immune system. 

As more studies emerge, overall body health tied to gut health is becoming a mainstream health topic with many attentive listeners in the medical and healthcare communities.

A research group at Harvard determined that probiotics can shorten the course of some infections and even help maintain remission of some digestive ailments. Gut health is a balancing act that needs constant leveling, and probiotics do it better than anything else. 

A healthy immune system means a healthy gut, and probiotics are a vital part of your body’s microbiome - the community of organisms working harmoniously to ensure your body functions properly. Our microbiomes help our immune systems fend off diseases and infections accordingly, and it’s more important now than ever, considering the global health crisis we are facing together.

Taking better care of intestinal and gut health can lead to a stronger immune system - probiotics are a great place to start.

Our QuantaFlore has four kinds of probiotics, plus prebiotics to help support your good bacteria, to ensure maximum efficacy. 

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