About Us (Old version)


Founded in 1990 by Sharon Lynn, Mountain States Health Products, Inc., (MHP) is driven by its mission to empower people to achieve their best health by providing healthcare practitioners the highest quality vitamins, supplement, nutraceuticals, and homeopathics. In 2022, Eric Steiner, MD, exclusive US distributor for PhytoQuant, joined forces with MHP to build on the company’s health-focused commitment to helping people thrive through the power of technology, nature, and micronutrition.

As a distributor of thousands of products and more than 55 top brands, the company works closely with suppliers who are selected for rigorous quality standards, GMP, and FDA compliance, and whose leading formulations are in demand by practitioners.

Our core belief is that guidance from a licensed practitioner is a valued component of everyone’s path to wellness. Thus, we serve both practitioners’ offices and their patients in direct protocol (prescription) fulfillment.

In addition to offering top of the line supplements and an innovative approach to micronutrition, MHP is committed to providing educational support to professionals. By equipping our practitioners with extensive training, support, and hand curated products, we help our practitioners facilitate improved health outcomes for their clients.

Finally, we provide personalized customer care and state of the art web-based service to ensure you receive superior support for your needs and the needs of your clients.

We thank you for placing your trust in us to provide formulas that will truly help you improve your patients’ quality of life.

Be well!