We believe Micronutrition helps all of our cells function as they are meant to, so that we can thrive instead of just survive.

Thank you for your interest in PhytoQuant products brought to you by SteinerLab. We are a health-focused startup dedicated to providing education and innovative tools for practitioners to help their patients achieve vibrant and long-lasting health.

We identify outstanding products and protocols which promote improvement in Healthspan.  We facilitate training to professionals on the most successful ways of integrating these products and protocols into their practice. We help practitioners take their patient's wellbeing to the next level, allowing their communities to thrive.

Our approach strives to follow the "3 P's", which characterize modern medicine: Prevention, Personalization and the Participation of the patient. Prevention occurs on a primary level and reflects the idea that it is always preferable to prevent than to cure. Personalization acknowledges that no two individuals are alike and that the "one solution for all" approach is not effective. The final "P" is the participation of the individual, one who desires an improvement in their health and takes responsibility for their role in their well-being.

"Using PhytoQuant Technology to harness the power of Nature"

PhytoQuant has developed a personalized micro nutritional approach for addressing cellular health, and by extension, whole-body health and well-being. Our chief nutritional tools are products that recalibrate micronutrient deficiencies, restore gut health and balance our intestinal microbiome or microbial ecosystem.

SteinerLab is proud to be the exclusive distributor of PhytoQuant products in the USA. PhytoQuant is a leading supplement brand in Europe with over 5,000 practitioners recommending our products daily. Due to our unparalleled quality, we enjoy an unusually strong brand loyalty.

The care and control of all of our supplements, from planting seeds, monitoring of the growth of the plants, overseeing the harvest and rigorous testing of the raw plants ensures the best possible raw ingredients.

Proprietary technology is used to extract the essence of each plant by ultrasound, and the exclusive use of only activated water achieves the purest and most potent form of the active ingredients in plant extracts. Our small batch production also ensures ultimate freshness. We maintain full traceability of all our products to the plant and ensure that only clean, non- toxic growing methods are used. The active ingredients are then synergistically blended in specific formulas, developed by leading experts to ensure the highest efficacy supplement possible.

When selecting our methods of intervention for improving our health, the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT) presented itself as an obvious choice. Not only is it the home of the digestion where we absorb micronutrients but it also houses the largest portion (80%) of our immune system. This conjuncture of vital functions makes the GIT the ideal therapeutic target.

We have chosen to offer PhytoQuant products for digestive support of the GIT, and we believe that PhytoQuant products should be a part of everyone's daily routine for optimal health. We know that you will be as impressed as we are.

We are thrilled to have you as part of our growing community. We look forward to adding additional products and product lines soon, so take a moment to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know.

Wishing you good health,

Dr. Eric Steiner

Founder, SteinerLab