Tips for Surviving Isolation and Emerging Stronger


Small Steps to a New Normal

Right about now, you are searching for more movies and TV series to binge watch. Hopefully, you are starting to settle into a new routine, even if you can’t remember what day it is because they are all running together.

And yet, there is a great deal of anxiety and stress to contend with.  You’re longing to escape from your house and the news, checking the Covid-19 Map, and scrolling social media filled with sad stories and conspiracy theories. For most of us, this new way of life is filled with levels of stress that we haven’t known before.

Chronic stress and anxiety can weaken your immune system and wreak havic on your emotional state. We want to encourage you to take some steps now to control your stress levels and learn to manage them.

Here are a few things we highly recommend.

Step one: You want to be informed, but watching too much news can leave you with a sense of helplessness that contributes to anxiety. Set a limit on how much news you are going to watch on a daily basis. Thirty minutes or less is probably adequate in a 24-hour period. Or skip the TV altogether, and read your news on line. That way, you can control the tone and move on when you’re ready.

And don’t forget to read the good news. People are coming together right now to help one another, it’s inspiring and hopeful and the good news will help lead us all forward in these trying times.

Step two: Remember back to the days before the pandemic consumed our lives? (January!) You had a list of things you wished you had time for. So, feed your soul and learn a new skill. Get crafty, learn to paint, or build something.

You’ll gain a sense of empowerment in learning something that you have control over, and create a distraction from all of the negativity out there.  With any luck, gain a new skill that you can enjoy when life goes back to normal.

Check out They have loads of inexpensive courses on just about anything you can imagine. It’s a favorite of the PhytoQuantUSA team right now.

Step three: Tune into your heart. We found this great process at the Heart Math Institute. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer and relaxed you feel after trying these three quick steps adapted from HeartMath’s Notice and Ease™ Tool.

  • Notice and admit what you are feeling.
  • Try to name the feeling.
  • Tell yourself to ease as you gently focus in your heart; relax as you breathe in and ease the anxiety.

HeartMath Institute’s “Articles of the Heart” blog will explain how to achieve yours. Try the Inner-Ease Technique here.

Learning to control anxiety will transform your life, with significant benefits; your stress hormones will decrease, your energy levels will increase. You’ll see positive changes in your relationships and your overall quality of life.

Now more than ever, it’s important to do.

We recommend QuantaRelax, our best selling supplement for stress to promote relaxation. Containing California Poppy*, Melissa, and Passionflower, this synergistic blend will help calm you and support sleep.

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