In order for dietary changes or micro-nutritional supplements to work effectively to support your immunity, it’s helpful to have a healthy intestinal tract.

Introducing Stinging Nettle; not only does it help to create a healthy environment within your intestinal tract, it has other benefits too.  Stinging Nettle, and its chlorophyll content is a cornerstone in PhytoQuant’s immune support protocol.

Gut Health and Immunity - Part II


The Original Green Goddess

Stinging Nettle and its Chlorophyll Abundance

Chlorophyll is a familiar term to many. It evokes memories of middle school science class or a teacher explaining the wonders of photosynthesis. We all remember the green association with plants and how they support life, but you probably don’t give it too much thought as a dietary supplement that can be beneficial to your overall well-being.

And yet, chlorophyll is crucial to our digestive health, and paying more attention to this herb can significantly increase your chances for a stronger immune system.

Stinging Nettle is a familiar term, it’s also an incredible source of Chlorophyll and one of the most effective regulators of digestion, while also contributing to heart health, joint strength and increased immune function. It’s a common plant, native to Europe and now found throughout much of the United States and Canada. It’s abundant and plentiful, and it can be classified as a “wonder-plant.”

You’ve surely seen or passed by a Stinging Nettle plant. It’s not terribly pretty or eye-catching, with its dark green serrated leaves and hairy stems. But those hairs are what give it the stinging name and are also present on the leaves. This tip-to-root plant makes up for its lack of showmanship with powers that are still being uncovered and studied by the scientific community. Nearly every part of the Stinging Nettle can be used, from harvesting young shoots in spring for consumption, to extracting chlorophyll from the leaves for medicinal purposes.

Stinging Nettle’s abundant chlorophyll can aid in stimulating activity in the bladder and kidneys, leading to increased digestive tract function. A study released by the Botanical Medicine Academy and published in Alternative & Complementary Therapies determined that Stinging Nettle and its rich chlorophyll content is one of the most nutrient-dense herbs in common use. The study also highlighted Stinging Nettle’s ability to counteract acid with its alkalinity and ability to move toxins out of the body.

Toxin removal, digestive health, immune boosting anti-inflammatory properties; there isn’t much that this “common” plant cannot tackle. Like all herbs and plants, sustainable and organic sourcing is paramount to ensure nature’s intended effects and usage remain intact. PhytoQuant uses organic farm-grown Stinging Nettle in our supplement, QuantaPhylle. We believe it is the highest efficacy supplement of its kind available.

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