How some of our wellness practitioners have survived the last few months

I am fortunate to be working with some of our countries most prominent thought leaders in the health and wellness field right now. As head of sales and marketing for PhytoQuantUSA, I get to meet inspiring integrative medical doctors, registered dietitians, and wellness practitioners, with many more to come. Thankfully, they appreciate our extraordinary supplements.

The other day, a member of our sales support team was contemplating what it will soon be like for her, in New York City, to reemerge from the Covid-19 quarantine. She asked me, “What do you think our practitioners would recommend right now?  How have they survived this, and how do we all come out of this quarantine safely?” 

So, we asked them. Here are a few of their responses below. Words like balance, gratitude, and “permission to be imperfect” emerged. 



Lauren Minchen, MPH, RDN, CDN
New York, N.Y.  

Thanks so much for asking!  COVID quarantine was a new challenge. 

Staying healthy required that I remember my vision for myself. I chose to remind myself every day: What do I want for myself this year? How do I want to feel when I begin to transition back to the new normal?

Visualizing my goal helped me make good choices with food and exercise. I planned my meals and snacks, and I also planned my exercise, the time, and what type of movement I would do. I would always allow myself to enjoy a favorite food over the weekend as a little reward for achieving my goal, even if I just came close. After all, what's the point if you can't enjoy your favorite treat every so often?! 

The other thing I did was choose to not sweat the slip-ups! My diet and exercise routines are never perfect, and that's OK. Perfection is not what this journey is all about anyway. It's about doing what I can with the time and resources that I have. This summer I'll continue to plan my diet and make time for good food and exercise every day. 

I always give myself permission to be imperfect!

Lauren is currently offering virtual appointments at


Anjali Dsouza, MD
Washington, D.C. 

The things that really kept me well during quarantine, beyond social distancing and hygiene protocols, are the basic building blocks of any treatment plan I create for my patients: 7 or more hours of sleep a night, nutrient-dense food, meditation, and daily exercise.

What I decided to enhance included increasing my meditation windows, which helped to manage stress, and I added targeted supplementation with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, Reishi Mushroom, and quercetin.  I also kept baseline support of Omega 3, a multivitamin, and adaptogenic support. 

As we begin to stretch into more contact, my approach will stay fundamentally the same.  However, I will be more likely to add regular saline cleanses of my sinuses, and include enhanced herbal supports for the immune system if/when I have enhanced contact with other humans.

Most importantly, I think living with reasonable but not overwhelming fear is so integral to staying well.  We need just enough to ensure we make safe decisions but not so much that our lives feel oppressed. Finding the right balance in that is absolutely mandatory! 

Dr. Dsouza is currently offering virtual appointments and limited in-person visits at



MARIE VIELLARD, Ayurvedic Practitioner
New York, N.Y. 

During the confinement, I changed my routine in an effort to balance my energy levels. I  increased my level of exercise, and I increased the amount of relaxation I was getting. 

I also tried to stay away from foods that increase negative emotions, like sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and red meat. 

For this coming summer, I am greatly increasing my water intake. I’ve introduced cooling foods into my meals, foods with raw ingredients, fresh juices, and herbs. I am also focusing on calming pranayama (breath work) and I perform a gratefulness ritual every night. 

This invites me to allow what is, while not trying to rush back into things too quickly.

Marie is currently offering virtual consulting and limited in-person appointments at 


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We’re glad that you’re here, and we are here to help. Contact us if you are interested in connecting with a practitioner in the PhytoQuant Community. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help.

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