How our team is adapting the pandemic

How our team is adapting the pandemic

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We’re a new company, and we’re grateful to you for taking the time to read this on a Sunday morning.

PhytoQuant, has 16 years of success in the EU helping people get healthier, and we’re finally introducing these pure, science- backed supplements to the US.

As we were building an incredible team of health practitioners to partner with, the pandemic hit. Events got canceled, meetings put off, friends and family and colleagues got sick. And yet, people still wanted to know about our products, because they know, they had heard, or been told, that they help.

Our team feels more committed than ever to helping and encouraging you to take good care of yourself and improve your health, now. Not later. We have discovered that “later” has arrived. The time is NOW for you to take control of your health and make smart choices to support it. So, we thought we’d get personal this week and share how our team is adapting. 

Meet the SteinerLabs/PhytoQuantUSA team


Our Founder, Eric

This is our big thinker and strategy guy. Having to be apart from his team has been tough. He also takes care of everyone, his four daughters, and six adorable dogs.. And he keeps tabs on his brothers, sisters,  and Mother, who lives in Paris. Not an easy task. Plus he’s a medical doctor and spends a great deal of time researching and keeping up with the latest on the Coronavirus.

Truth be told, he loves having his youngest daughter home from college, and enjoys cooking for her and his girlfriend. He’s into yoga, and staying calm, so he starts his day with sun salutations and a little meditation, and QuantaMag, our magnesium supplement that helps everyone stay a little calmer.

He zooms often, with our team and his friends and family to stay connected, and takes long walks on his farm with those dogs after putting in full days of “work”. He gets local produce and grass fed meat, and keeps his kitchen stocked for about twenty people for dinner at all times. He’ll be ready as soon as we can reemerge. He’s sure to take
QuantaOmega3 too, to keep his brain at top performance, and his immunity strong.

Our Managing Partner, Elizabeth

The world’s biggest hugger, our Managing Partner is really finding this social distancing thing tough. She recently moved to Virginia to work with us, so she’s new to her job, house, state, and then has a pandemic on top of it. Pre-pandemic, she used to bring us homemade caramel popcorn with chocolate, (even us health nuts have to splurge once in a while), and she organized and cooked healthy team lunches and dinners.

Now she schedules zoom meetings and cooks for some of her neighbors. She starts the day with a good probiotic, QuantaFlore, before she has her tea. As the heart of our company, she makes sure we’re all ok, including our four legged friends. Her dog-child is a huge Goldendoodle named Phil, the sweetest and cutest dog in the world. Phil is always by her side, like a curly haired angel. We think he lives on homemade popcorn and hugs.  

Her go-to’s are meditation, finding the right frequencies to balance us all and good food. Let’s also remember that she never gets sick because her blood type is O- (of course we let her believe that’s true). We know the real reason she doesn’t get sick is because she is almost religious about taking her supplements like QuantaDpur+ and
QuantaSmodium+ that help to keep her GIT in top form, supporting her immunity.

Our CMO-head of sales, Holli

While our CMO is used to working part time from a home office, she freely admits that her usual sense of calm and productivity has taken a hit. She is sequestered with her significant other, a college age son, and her significant other’s high school age son, part time. As she likes to say, “I’m OK!” but confesses to taking long walks alone to re-set before family demands set in.

She’s a Health Coach, so she swears by hydration, starting in the morning, but done by 4pm so it doesn’t impact her sleep.  She keeps her Yeti bottle of water on her desk (and adds QuantaEPP for vitamin C and immune support). She also tries to break for lunch and avoids the easy protein bars she used to love. Whole leafy greens, avocado, and a little healthy protein are lunch, where she can (hopefully) take some deep breaths and relax. At dinner time, she often takes QuantaRelax, our solution to stress and anxiety days.

She swears by teamwork. “Those guys all have chores; cooking, clean-up and running necessary errands”. Lastly, she says that they communicate their feelings. “It’s ok to feel down, fearful and apprehensive, but it’s best to share with your friends and loved ones right away, than try to deal with it alone. We all keep checking on each other.. Her son came to her last night, out of the blue, and said…Mom, you doing ok?” 

Our CFO, Joe

Our CEO told the team members that his life has not been drastically impacted due to COVID-19.  His biggest concern is for the health and wellbeing for his pregnant daughter-in-law and his son who are expecting their first child. He also noted the new ways of interacting with each other; no handshakes or hugs, and video chats instead of person to person meetings and no more conference-room huddles as well as socially distancing. 

Although he misses his occasional meals at restaurants, he is an amazing cook and continues to cook his meals at home. The difficulty is that he now has to cook for himself rather than large groups resulting in cooking too many meatballs that he had to freeze.  

He drives his Prius to the office while socially distancing along the way, and he works there in his own space. He’s learning an awkward dance, along with the rest of the team, to share office space while maintaining a six foot distance.

He is very down to earth and will tell you that he dealt with his high cholesterol by drinking lots of green tea. He takes his health seriously and has worked hard to ensure he doesn’t suffer the same health concerns as his ancestors

Joe resented our open space office in the beginning; a reconverted barn on the second floor with 2 sets of steps, (eliminating the need for a StairMaster). It was tough on his knees and hip replacements, however his trial use of QuantaVie+ has helped him through that and he now runs up and down the stairs several times a day with full mobility. He is anxious for us to add QuantaVie+ to our product line so that others can experience the relief he has seen.

Our COO, Rudolphe

Living in an apartment in the city is not easy right now, and that’s what our COO is doing. He adores his wife, (we love her too) and their cat deserves her own Instagram account. He misses lots of green grass and our active office environment. He’s a high energy guy, and he takes enough supplements to keep his energy up: QuantaEPP,
QuantaPhylle and many others.

The team optimist, this guy is the one to speak to when the pandemic gets you down, no matter how tought the challenges are. He remains focused on what’s important, resolves problems, and stays focused.  

He is our daily link to the factory in Italy and to the development offices in Monaco, so he keeps crazy hours due to time differences. He claims that his taking QuantaEPP has changed his life, helped him deal with and cure a chronic infection he has had since a very bad accident several years back.

What he really wants is for us to bring ultimate health and improved immunity to all our clients in the US, so he is pushing us to accelerate the introduction of some important new products, QuantaStimmune, QuantaVitD and QuantaVitC, all highly effective in supporting your immunity. His desire is  to see the entire world focused
on preventive health, so we can live better, happier, more balanced lives.

We have all been here for each other and we're here for you if you need us. Please feel free to reach out is we can help:
Mon-Thurs/ 10 am ET – 4 pm ET

Are you a functional Medical Doctor, Certified Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, Chiropractor, or other health practitioner who recommends food supplements to your clients? We’re seeking top tier health practitioners to partner with us. We offer excellent support and training, with no investment necessary.

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To learn more about the building blocks to a strong immune system, please check out our series on Building Immunity: Part IPart II and Part III. Stay tuned for Part IV this week.


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