Five Tips for Keeping Your Oral Microbiome Healthy

Next to the gut, the mouth hosts the most diverse and complex array of microflora with nearly 700 different kinds of microorganisms. More and more research is uncovering the connection between the mouth and gut and the microbiomes housed in each. That means maintaining a balanced oral ecosystem is key in keeping your teeth and gums as well as your body healthy. Because the digestive process begins in the mouth, the impact of an imbalance in the oral microbiome can be seen more broadly in our overall health. Oral health is now being linked to systemic inflammation, cardiovascular health, diabetes, cancer, and more. 

How do we maintain balance?

  1. Keep a consistent oral hygiene routine - Brushing and flossing twice daily is the number one way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing reduces plaque build-up and can help maintain oral homeostasis. Adding a tongue scraper to your regular hygiene routine can also help promote the balance by removing bacteria from the tongue.
  1. Brush with a natural toothpaste - Choosing a natural toothpaste is another wise move when it comes to keeping your oral and gut microbiomes balanced. Natural toothpastes like Dr. Jen’s Toothpaste, which contain active ingredients such as xylitol and Nano-hydroxyapatite that help the good microbia flourish, while lessening the possibility that bad bacteria will grow.
  1. Eat nutrient-rich foods - Eating a nutrient-rich balanced diet benefits both your mouth and gut. Processed foods and added sugars can upset the balance in the oral microbiome and create environments that allow harmful organisms to grow.  Whole foods provide the fuel the body needs to maintain the balanced environments that promote overall health. 
  1. Stay hydrated - Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water go hand-in-hand. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms and can lead to problems with bad breath. Staying hydrated not only promotes good overall health, but it again provides an environment conducive to allowing the good microbes to thrive.
  1. Take oral probiotics - Adding an oral probiotic to your daily regimen will also benefit your oral ecosystem. Oral probiotics like Dentalflora by Biocidin Botanicals that include the highly beneficial microbia like Lactobacillus reuteri help sustain oral homeostasis by not allowing unwanted bacteria to thrive. Studies also show that Lactobacillus reuteri not only has a positive impact on the balance of good bacteria in the mouth, but it has anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the immune system as a whole. 

It’s clear that maintaining your oral health is more than just about healthy teeth and gums. Taking care of your oral microbiome is the first step in taking care of your overall health. To see more of the dental products we carry at MHP, visit our oral health page here.

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