Daily Routine, Supplements, and Immunity

Daily Routine, Supplements, and Immunity

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This week we’re sharing two prominent business-women in the health and wellness field, how they have survived the stay-at-home quarantine, and the supplements and products they personally use and love.

Clemence von Mueffling is the founder and editor of Beauty and Well Being Magazine, and author of the book, Ageless Beauty the French Way. Clemence writes and speaks about what’s new and fantastic in both beauty and health.

Amy Waldman is the owner of Puree Juice Bar, a 100% organic raw juice bar and delivery service offering healthy foods too. We’re most excited for her latest invention, a pure, vegan soft serve “ice cream”, just in time for summer. Puree has locations in Bethesda, MD, Sibley Hospital, Washington, DC, and Mosaic District, Fairfax, Va.

Establishing Routine, and Supplementing My Diet

These past months have been challenging and interesting at the same time. The worldwide impact of the virus has certainly caused many people deeply rooted stress, myself included. All parts of our well-being are connected, so I’ve adapted wellness practices to ensure that this newfound stress doesn’t negatively affect my physical well-being. To stay healthy and strong, here are the things that I do:

Despite not needing to commute to work, I continue waking up early to maintain a stable routine and make the most of the day. In the mornings, I finish my showers with cold water and take my PhytoQuant supplements to boost my immune system. I have been taking both QuantaFlore (a great probiotic) and QuantaEPP (a grapefruit seed extract) loaded with Vitamin C). We don’t always get all the nutrients we need from our diet, so it’s important to do your research and find a brand that you trust when it comes to supplements. When it comes to wellness rituals, I also follow a weekly sound bath meditation with the amazing Eliza and Josh from The Dojo Upstate. For my daily dose of Vitamin D, I take long walks in Central Park (which luckily stayed open!).

As we re-emerge, I will continue taking my vitamins and probiotics, and eating healthy foods. Eating well has never been more important! As doctor David Katz, of Yale University, recently said: Lifestyle is our best medicine these days.

Clémence von Mueffling 
Founder and Editor
BWB Magazine: beautyandwellbeing.com
Beauty Book: Ageless Beauty the French Way



Keeping Your Immunity Strong

Hand sanitizer, hand washing, social distancing... what else can you do to help create the most protection possible from COVID-19? Of course, I believe 100% organic, cold-pressed juice is a great place to start. Whether you get your juice from Puree Juice Bar or make it yourself here is a guide for the best juices during this unprecedented time.

GREENS. Greens are the powerhouse of detoxification and good for you all around. Especially now, greens help to alkalize your body, creating an environment that is hard for disease to live in. Greens provide antioxidants and green juice is quickly absorbed by the body, reaping benefits more quickly than eating.

COCONUT. The young, Thai coconuts we source at Puree are full of natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Lauric acid is the magic here. When your body digests lauric acid, it forms a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin are believed to help kill harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Eat coconut, drink coconut! Our coconut milk, coconut yogurt, and coconut in shakes all have lauric acid. 

TURMERIC AND GINGER. Both are excellent for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory health. You can juice it, cook with it, buy curcumin supplements, (I prefer QuantaVillosi) make tea with it... just get it!

VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS. While juice is a great place to start to increase your nutrient density and build immunity, I do believe in extra supplementation, especially while facing the challenges of present day. Here is the essential list, based on my research, and what I am taking myself! 

Please remember, these are my layperson suggestions only, I am not a medical doctor. Always check with your own health care provider before taking any supplements. 

  • Vitamin C - We all know it is a great immunity boost and no time like the present to make sure you are getting enough.
  • Vitamin D3 - Most of us are deficient, especially coming out of the cold winter months. Choose a supplement with K2 and take with a little healthy fat to help your body absorb it.
  • Elderberry Syrup- excellent for immunity and tastes like dessert!

In addition to the above, I was recently introduced to PhytoQuant supplements that are 100% pure, grown without spraying or toxins of any kind.

Many of them are synergistic blends of herbs, highly effective and an incredible way to help boost your gut health, and your immunity. I recommend:   

  • Quanta DPur+, for overall detoxification, and gorgeous skin,
  • QuantaEPPGrapefruit Seed extract for immune boost and energy
  • QuantaSmodium+ for liver support, a great companion to QuantaDPur+

At Puree, we are very excited about these supplements finally coming to the US and Puree will be launching a cleanse + supplement special soon!

Please feel free to reach out to sayhi@pureejuicebar.com or call 301-246-0509. Wishing you peace, wellness, and safety for you, your family, and loved ones! 


Amy Waldman, Founder

Are you a Health Professional interested in learning more about our products and how we can work together? Please contact us at holli@steinerlabs.org


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