from a “new normal”

We all keep hearing about how we have to create a “new normal” because of the pandemic. Well, we think there is an opportunity to create a “healthier N=normal”. If things can’t go back to the way they were pre-pandemic, then we want to reframe our lives in a way that will make us better, stronger, and more resilient; both personally and professionally.

At PhytoQuant, we believe in making ourselves stronger and healthier through a nutrient rich diet and micro-nutritional supplements to cover the shortfall in nutrients. We believe that a healthy diet provides our immune system the ammunition it needs to help us resist illness and recover more quickly. Now is the perfect time to focus on our nutrition.

So, we were thrilled to find out that Tastings, a bespoke, luxury catering company based in NYC, Southern Florida, and the Hamptons felt called to do something to help; to create and share the healthiest foods possible.
Their Wellness Menu selections have been created with health in mind; offering selections that are high in essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and dietary benefits to help strengthen your immunity, in consultation with our very own Holli Thompson!

“Tastings Team strives to think creatively and positively now and for the future with our client's loyalty and support. Today, we are discussing the future.  A future that will in many ways be different than our past, but a future that will make us appreciate everything so much more.”

Alexandra Morris, Founder Tastings NYC | Hamptons | SoFlo

We are inspired by the Tastings team’s focus on ensuring they are supporting their customer’s needs and keeping focused on a bright future full of appreciation. Make sure to check out how they have also created ways to make virtual events truly spectacular here.

Call to order at 212-744-4422 for your next small, socially distanced, or virtual gathering or celebration.

We're glad that you are here. Please reach out to us to connect you with practitioners who are working virtually through the pandemic to support their clients. We’re here to help because we care.
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