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Diplomate of Chiropractic Internist - Training Weekend


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Hydration & Excercise Performance:
Facts, Myths and Fundamentals

Douglas Labs Hydration

Daniel Weber in a Talk with Melanie Alexander on Endometriosis:

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Liposomes for Inner and Outer Beauty:
Quicksilver Scientific
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Stress, Genetics,and the Metabolism:
Douglas Labs
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Quicksilver Scientific Energy
New Liposomal Adaptogenic
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Heavy Metal Detoxification:
Quicksilver Scientific Detailed
Dr. Mercola and Chris Shade
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RX Vitamins for Pets 1:
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RX Vitamins for Pets 2:
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Dedicated to helping people live life to the fullest, unconstrained by injury, pain or fatigue


Essential Oxygen 1:
Learn about how food grade hydrogen peroxide can be part of the solution to the looming antibiotic crisis.
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Legendary skateboarded Bob Burnquist talks about theraputic marine plasma.
Bob Burnquist
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Integrating Nutraceuticals for Pets:
Companion animal physiology, why animals get sick, and how to integrate Rx Vitamins for Pets formulas.
Dr. Brion Wollam
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Biocidin and Liposomal Nutrient Delivery:

Dr. Shades Advanced Protocols:


The Black Box:

Introducing The One and Ultra Vitamin: