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Mineral Complexes

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  1. Comprehensive Minerals

    Comprehensive Minerals

    Comprehensive minerals is a scientifically designed supplement‚ containing nutritionally significant amounts of all essential macrominerals and trace minerals in their physiologically active forms. Learn More

  2. Copper Citrate

    Copper Citrate

    Copper is an essential trace mineral that supports a number of crucial physiological processes. Learn More

  3. Copper Glycinate

    Copper Glycinate

    Copper is an essential trace mineral that supports a number of crucial physiological processes. Learn More

  4. Gammadyn Li (30)

    Gammadyn Li (30)

    Oligotherapy is a method of furnishing the body with the ions it cannot synthesize and which are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions. This functional therapeutic modality requires the use of trace elements in precisely measured, small doses in a highly bioavailable form. These trace elements are co-factors in a multitude of biochemical reactions where they accelerate the speed of these reactions without ever modifying the important equilibrium that exists and that must reign within the body to maintain optimum health. UNDA Gammadyn Oligo-Elements are: convenient, effective, highly stable, highly bioavailable and great-tasting. Established over half a century ago in Belgium, UNDA is renowned for manufacturing exceptional homeopathic products utilized in supporting immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems. In the production of all homeopathic remedies UNDA uses only pure materials and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted. UNDA produces a broad range of homeopathic products in various potencies including: the unique Numbered Compounds, Gemmotherapy macerates, Sch゚essler Tissue Salts, Gammadyn Oligo-Elements, Organotherapy, Plexes, creams and oils, as well as homeopathic compatible dental care. Learn More

  5. LDA Trace Mineral Complex

    LDA Trace Mineral Complex

    Klaire Lab's LDA Trace Mineral Complex is a comprehensive, hypoallergenic trace mineral supplement. LDA Trace Mineral Complex provides 11 essential trace elements needed for optimal health. LDA Trace Mineral Complex should be taken with food. Learn More

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  6. MHP Trace Mineral Concentrate

    MHP Trace Mineral Concentrate

    *This is a very concentrated trace mineral blend. 1 bottle diluted to capacity would equal almost 6 quart-sized bottles. Learn More

  7. Mineral 650

    Mineral 650

    Mineral 650®provides the body with the most bioavailable forms of the minerals essential to optimal physiologic function. Learn More

  8. Mineral 650 (Without Copper & Iron)

    Mineral 650 (Without Copper & Iron)

    Mineral 650® provides the body with the most bioavailable forms of the minerals essential to optimal physiologic function. Learn More

  9. Molybdenum 500 mcg

    Molybdenum 500 mcg

    Molybdenum 500 mcg from Molybdenum Krebs complex of Citrate, Fumarate, Malate, Glutarate, and Succinate. Learn More

  10. Multi-Element Buffered C

    Multi-Element Buffered C

    Vitamin C is important for immune function and antioxidant protection, as well as collagen and connective tissue production. Multi-Element Buffered C adds calcium, magnesium and potassium to ascorbic acid to create a buffered product that is gentle on the stomach. Because doses of vitamin C in excess of 1 gram per day can deplete some essential minerals and disrupt the body’s pH balance, this formulation includes minerals and trace elements to help maintain a proper acid/base balance. Quercetin, a potent bioflavonoid, and reduced L-glutathione, an antioxidant, are included to potentiate the function of vitamin C. Learn More

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  11. Multi-Mineral Iron Free

    Multi-Mineral Iron Free

    A broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic mineral supplement, Multi-Mineral Complex Without Iron has been developed for individuals who do not require iron supplementation. Two capsules of Multi-Mineral Complex Without Iron provide 100% or more of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for each trace mineral. For best absorption, Multi-Mineral Complex Without Iron should be taken with food. Learn More

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  12. Oligo Chromium

    Oligo Chromium

    *For general metabolic and diabetic conditions, acne, cardiovascular support. Learn More

  13. Oligo Cobalt

    Oligo Cobalt

    *Vital for the formation and absorption of B12, helps with poor circulation. Learn More

  14. Oligo Copper

    Oligo Copper

    *Stimulates the immune system, helps to rid body of parasites. Learn More

  15. Oligo Copper-Gold-Silver

    Oligo Copper-Gold-Silver

    *Indicated for chronic fatigue, viral and mycosis conditions. Learn More

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  16. Oligo Iodine

    Oligo Iodine

    *Indicated for Thyroid imbalances, breast tenderness before menses, regulates cellular oxidation (use with Cellular Oxygenator pg. 7) Learn More

  17. Oligo Molybdenum

    Oligo Molybdenum

    *Beneficial for liver detoxification, allergic conditions and intolerance of sulphuric amino acids. Learn More

  18. Oligo Nickel-Cobalt

    Oligo Nickel-Cobalt

    *Regulates Pituitary-Pancreas Axis for Pituitary based blood sugar disorders, diabetes. Learn More

  19. Oligo Phosphorus

    Oligo Phosphorus

    *Increases ATP production, helps cellular damage, skin complaints and parathyroid disorders. Learn More

  20. Oligo Zinc

    Oligo Zinc

    *Indicated in immune deficiency, malabsorption of zinc, and a high PSA test. Learn More

  21. Oligo Zinc-Copper

    Oligo Zinc-Copper

    *Primary Thyroid remedy, helps to balance hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals. (use with Pineal-Pituitary-Hypothalamus pg.15). Learn More

  22. Prothera Multiminerals

    Prothera Multiminerals

    Supplies a balanced mix of essential minerals and trace elements for situations that may call for minerals without added vitamins or other nutrients. Contains similar amounts and sources as MultiThera® multiple vitamin/mineral formulas, including Albion’s amino acid chelates, calcium citrate-malate, and other well-utilized forms. Learn More

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    Spectramin Chelate from Douglas Laboratories is a comprehensive mineral/trace element formula that contains well tolerated and highly absorbable chelated and complexed minerals. Spectramin Chelate is iron-free, making it an appropriate choice for those concerned about getting too much iron but who want to supplement with a full-spectrum of other minerals and trace elements. EXPIRES 4/18 Learn More

  24. Trisalts


    Tri-Salts is a nutritional supplement formulated to be easily tolerated by sensitive individuals: it uses only the purest ingredients and has no added fillers. Its unique buffering agent contains just the right amount of reagent quality minerals‚ and is salt and sodium-free. Learn More

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