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  1. Ferritin


    Ecological Formulas Ferritin Bioavailable Iron Capsules contain a powerful and unique formula that delivers 5 milligrams of ferritin, which plays a key role in iron storage. Ecological Formulas' supplement also provides the essential mineral, iron. It is in its most bioavailable form, which makes for easier absorption. Ecological Formulas derives its ferritin from bovine spleen. This ferritin supplement may offer fewer negative side effects. Learn More

  2. Floravital Iron and Herb (Yeast Free) 17oz

    Floravital Iron and Herb (Yeast Free) 17oz

    Floravital contains delicious herbs and fruit juice concentrates as well as iron (II), B vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 (important elements in blood formation) plus vitamin C. Floravital may help protect the health of the whole family. Young children, expectant mothers and elderly people can all use Floravital. Learn More

  3. Iron Liquid

    Iron Liquid

    Iron liquid offers a convenient liquid iron formula with high bioavailability to support hemoglobin and myoglobin function. Learn More

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  4. Iron-C


    Iron-C provides the body with a highly utilizable form of iron, supporting optimal muscle function. Learn More

  5. Oligo Iron

    Oligo Iron

    *Helps balance hormones during PMS or menopause. Learn More

  6. Optiferin-C


    OptiFerin contains Ferrochel® iron bis-glycinate, a highly specialized iron amino acid chelate, combined with Ester-C® mineral ascorbates to enhance absorption. Learn More

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