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Headache/Migraine Support

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  1. White Willow Forte

    White Willow Forte

    WHITE WILLOW FORTE is a targeted formulation with ingredients to help modulate acute discomfort. This formulation provides a unique combination of bioavailable ingredients at levels that have been shown to be clinically effective. White Willow Plus is a convenient and helpful way to support a reduction in acute discomfort. WHITE WILLOW BARK (SALIX ALBA) is traditionally used as an anodyne. The efficacy of this botanical is due mainly to the proportion of salicin present. White willow bark is present in this formulation at a 25% standardized extract; a dose of two capsules will provide 240 mg of salicin. This is the amount shown in the research to be effective at reducing low back pain. The salicin, a precursor to salicylic acid, works as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and as an analgesic. Learn More

  2. Neuro Comfort (60)

    Neuro Comfort (60)

    Specific nutrients such coenzyme Q-10, magnesium, and B vitamins are associated with functioning of neurological pathways. Neuro Comfort is a formula designed by Neurological Specialists based on ingredient research to support normal brain neuron sensitivity, cerebral vessel relaxation, and healthy mitochondrial function, all of which may lead to overall head comfort. † Neuro Comfort is indicated as a dietary supplement for individuals who desire nutrients to support the brain’s sensitivity to stimuli and provide cerebral comfort and vessel relaxation. Learn More

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  3. Migraine Remedy Homeopathic

    Migraine Remedy Homeopathic

    *For the temporary assistance in the relief of migraine-type headaches. (See also Boiron’s Cephyl pg. 46) Learn More

  4. Migra Clear Ultra

    Migra Clear Ultra

    Biogenesis Ultra Migra-Clear is a natural supplement that contains compounds known to support reducing the frequency and intensity of vascular headaches. Learn More

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