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Homeopathic Xenobiotics

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  1. 5-Htp 50Mg

    5-Htp 50Mg

    Supplementation with 5-HTP encourages brain serotonin levels that can lead to positive effects on emotional well-being, appetite control, and wake/sleep cycles. Learn More

  2. Addex (Pesticides)

    Addex (Pesticides)

    *Aids in the drainage and relief of pesticide and insecticide exposure. Learn More

  3. Amebex (Amoebic Infections)

    Amebex (Amoebic Infections)

    *Assists in eradication of amebic infections. Learn More

  4. Food Poisoning Detox Spray

    Food Poisoning Detox Spray

    *For relief of acute food poisoning and removal of toxin residue. A must for all travels. Learn More

  5. Mer Detox (Mercury)

    Mer Detox (Mercury)

    *Assists in the drainage and detoxification of mercury and related compounds. Learn More

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  6. Metab (Endocrine/Metabolism)

    Metab (Endocrine/Metabolism)

    *Promotes balance in endocrine system and in amino acid, electrolyte, and intermediary metabolism. Learn More

  7. Metal Xeno

    Metal Xeno

    *Aids in the promotion of elimination of heavy metals. Learn More

  8. Opsin I (Food Allergy)

    Opsin I (Food Allergy)

    *Assists in reversing maladaptive responses to autotoxins and food allergies. Learn More

  9. Opsin II (Allergies/Hayfever)

    Opsin II (Allergies/Hayfever)

    *Assists in the management of inhalant allergies, hayfever and sinus. Learn More

  10. Tap Water Detox

    Tap Water Detox

    *For detoxification of water pollutants, especially chlorine & fluorine. Learn More

  11. Tobacco 6X,12X,30X (2oz)

    Tobacco 6X,12X,30X (2oz)

    Helps mitigate the effects of secondhand smoke. Learn More

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