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Bowel Pathogen Nosode Spray

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*Aids in enhancement of immune response to typical bowel pathogens.
Size:2 fl oz/60ml
Manufacturer: MHP Vitamins
Availability: In Stock


Escherichia Coli 6X, Coli Bacillinum 9X, Enterococcinum 9X, Diptheria Coccinum 12X, Botulinum 12X, Giardia Lambia 12X, Clostridium Perfringes 12X, Ascarides 12X, Platyhelminthes Worms 12X, Anneidia 12X, Nemathelminthes Worms 12X.

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Sizetest 2 fl oz/60ml
Retail Pricetest 30.0000

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